‘Cecil’ was not my beloved… but his death made me think

Conversation Zimbabwe post on Cecil the “much-loved” lion

Hi, my name is Ottilia and I really don’t care about Cecil the lion. 

I had been thinking it for days. I’d hinted at it in conversation. I’d made some glib remarks on twitter. I wasn’t sure I’d say it “out loud,” but then I clicked post and there it was, a simple facebook status in which I unapologetically stated my feelings about the #CecilTheLion saga playing out in international media.

I naïvely imagined posting it would be like a strange sort of Non-Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where you introduce yourself, you state your problem and everyone says “Hi” back. Nothing more. No judgment passed. After all, we’re all fighting some demon or other at this gathering. It was many things, but it wasn’t a therapeutic release. It wasn’t an admission of wrongdoing. I stated my truth and that was that…

But it wasn’t. It isn’t.

The killing of Cecil the Lion, tragic…

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