A Love Letter to My Daughter on her 4th Birthday

Such a beautiful letter that unpacks race in the most delicate of ways… to a 4 year old, no less!

Ordinary Ubuntu

IMG_2550 My Khaya,

Today I write you my annual letter. I wish I would write you more often, but four years in and my mind remains a pile of porridge. I have also found myself particularly unsettled over the past year and have lost confidence in my voice and how to best use it.

This is a dark beginning to a birthday letter.

Make no mistake about it. Year 4 brought a landslide of love and miracles. You remain an image of God’s perfection and make us so impossibly happy. You are an infectious and determined little girl. Smart, engaging and brave. You moved countries and two schools in the past year seamlessly. We thought you were exclusively my daughter, but you have surprised us with a sensitive, thoughtful side. Watching you grow up sets my heart alight each and every day. You are loved by many and blessed beyond measure…

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