Captaining your ship

Imagine you are the captain of a ship about to set sail to the high seas… You decide who boards and joins you on what you plan to be and hope will be an epic journey.

It is up to you.

In line to board are the following:

  • • People who believe in you and your abilities. Who are in line to join you on your journey, for your sake and for theirs. They are prepared to assist and lead as required to make the journey a success.
  • • People who don’t believe in your ability to commandeer a ship. They are there only to watch you fail and who have packed their own life jackets, preparing to jump ship. They don’t trust you. Not only with their lives, but with yours too.
  • • People who heard there was a free ride. Who don’t care who the captain is or where the ship is going. They plan to sleep through storms and expect you to make their journey a pleasure… at your expense.
  • • Pirates disguised as friends whose plan is to take control of the ship and throw you and others overboard as soon as they hit the high seas. With them are saboteurs with only bad intentions. They don’t want you to succeed. They won’t even give you a chance.
  • • People who are just there. There’s a ship to be boarded and well, they like sailing.

The ship and its journey could be your Life.

2015 has taught me to choose wisely who should accompany one’s journey. To learn to read people and to surround oneself with those who not only matter, but care to matter. To embrace the light in people, love abundantly and share life with those who make you happy and WANT HAPPINESS FOR YOU.

Happiness shouldn’t be a chore.

But for just a moment, imagine you were the captain of a ship and you could choose who boards it…

Your life shouldn’t have to be the mythical Noah’s Ark… leave the scorpions behind.

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