City of Cape Town: “All (wo)men are equal… except of course when they aren’t.”

In a landmark finding, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) found that the City of Cape Town’s “sanitation policy” violated the rights of informal settlers on several accounts. 

The City, having skimmed through the report has stated that it has “serious reservations” about the findings & intends to appeal, with no further comment. Am I surprised that Helen of the Cape & Pat “I see nothing wrong with bucket toilets” de Lille have not directly responded to the SAHRC’s findings? No.

Am I surprised that in their original submissions, the City had the gall & nerve to suggest that for “those people” a toilet per FIVE HOUSEHOLDS is sufficient? No. It is after all the same city that put spikes and rocks in areas where homeless people seek shelter so they wouldn’t be an eyesore to the touring haves. The very same city that sided with exploitative farmers when the farm workers went on strike demanding fair and equitable recompense for their toil.

I wonder what the City of Cape Town has reservations to:
1. That sanitation is a basic right?
2. Their policy being called racist & biased?
3. Doing their job?

I’m also curious as to whether the lovely people at the City use temporary and bucket toilets etc or is that reserved for “those people”?

It would seem that some of us are in 2014, but many, sadly, are in 1989 or thereabouts. #NotYetUhuru
Read the SAHRC report here:

Bienvenue en Afrique du Sud. Nous sommes tous egaux, sauf les pauvres qui sont (pour la plupart) les noirs. Prenez un siege.

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