Democracy dependent *only* on elections? No!

Elections as the primary determination of a democratic process leave a sour taste in my mouth… 

 How GW Bush notoriously “won” by the skin of his rigging teeth in 2004 and how many others “win” after a low voter turnout. But even when the turnout is high, elections do not truly glean the “will of ALL the people, by ALL the people, for ALL the people.”

On 4 March, 50,03 % of voters elected Uhuru Kenyatta & his running mate William Samoei Ruto to the Kenyan Presidency. Former foes who formed an alliance to strengthen chances of election. A strategic choice. Great on them, but 50,03 in real terms is 6 173 433 of 12 338 667 votes counted. 50.03% of 29.7% of the population (est* 41 609 728 as of 2011) in real terms means less than 15% of the population have decided the “fate” of the other +85%… *sigh* 

That being said, the will of the people can still be done if those elected into office serve the interests of their country’s population… The trouble is: Do they ever?

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