When elephants fight

The thing about power – as has been said many a time – is that it corrupts… the love of power (over and above that of money) for me is the root of all evil. It is in and of itself an all consuming desire to conquer not only one’s own world, but the worlds of other… power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. To date millions of people have died in fights for power.. many more will die today… and if we sit back and say “Aaah! But that is the way of the world” many more will die tomorrow and the day after and the day after that…

Today, I write with a heavy heart… once an optimist, man has shown me a side so dark my optimism has been tainted… I find myself believing more and more each day that at the core of many men is an evil so cancerous it threatens to ruin humanity… an evil so all consuming it will mark the end of us all..

I am happy to be alive, my day has not yet come.. but many did not live to see today.. they were killed.. killed by their kin, killed by their kith, killed by their kind.. not by the beasts that lurk in the savanna, but by others like them… hacked by machetes, shot down by AK47s.. Some are alive in body, but dead in spirit. They do not see the world as they did yesterday, they cannot.. stripped of their dignity, a deep hatred thrives where love used to blossom… they are victims of an inhumane world.. a world that does not hear their cries or see their tears.. a world that you and I call ourselves citizens of..

Once an optimist, my rose tinted glasses have been stained by images of mangled bodies and lifeless carcasses… Once an optimist, I see evil in the eyes of many.. I wonder if love can ever live there.. Once an optimist, I realise that my dreams for the world may not become a reality in my lifetime… Once an optimist, I try to celebrate the lives of those who die everyday, but I cannot… I did not know them.. they are faceless.. How can I celebrate their lives, when all I can do is mourn? Once an optimist, I sit here and realise that optimism is a luxury that many cannot afford…

Today I write as innocent people continue to be massacred across the globe – most in the name of politics… My heart bleeds for all the civilians who have been killed as collateral damage in unjust wars…

But as I write, the elephants continue to fight and the ground continues to suffer… as I write someone somewhere has just been gunned down… and as I write, someone somewhere doesn’t care 😦

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