I tweet what I like… and I let people stroke my ego on facebook

A friend of mine recently started using twitter… After a few days she complained about how she has to metaphorically stand on a soapbox and hope people hear her ALL THE TIME.. By Day 3 she had 6 followers and after not tweeting for a couple of days I unfollowed her.. She asked how I could do that when we are FRIENDS… I told her that that’s what I still have facebook for… so the people who think they are my friends don’t think I’ve deserted them…

I tweet – A LOT! But that could be simply because I talk a lot too! The 140character limit helps in a way… but it only adds to the ADHD that we all try to suppress. No one creates albums of different shots of their face on twitter and if they did, I can just unfollow them until they get over their mole. I can interact with friends, foes and a few Romans while I get the news as it breaks… I use it the way I see fit.

Yes, twitter has its fair share of narcissists and it can sometimes feel like people are competing to be heard.. It has its limits, but when it comes to soothing our egos Facebook is the better choice. Facebook is the epitome of egotistical – we post flattering pictures of ourselves so our “friends” can “like” them and tell us how the sun makes our eyes pop… psssht! Then we write pseudo-cryptic posts on others’ walls so that the “others” can see them and wonder what we’re on about and secretly long to be in the inner circle too *yawn*.. Facebook is a lot like high school or college…

That said: I STILL post pictures on facebook *whips hair back and forth* and write on peoples’ walls and post status after status so people comment… because well… we all have our id, ego and superego.. don’t we?

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