How Angelina Jolie killed my love of cinema!

I’m a Pisces… the so-called “dreamers” of the current Zodiac (y’know, before some mad person tries to add an extra star sign that might see me being dubbed a *gasp* Aquarius *gasp*)… so fantasy is my realm… I love to read, I love to write, I love to draw, I love imagery and until Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan began being dubbed “A-Listers”, I also REALLY loved going to the cinema to watch movies… ANY movie to be honest… Thanks to them, I now watch films… the kind that don’t win awards for being spectacularly glitzy, but the kind that have a story and manage to tell it in under 2 hours… From the Hollywood red carpet to Cannes… almost like moving from being a cocaine addict to smoking mom’s lawn…

I “listened” with amusement as friends of mine …. no names… harped on about the Golden Globes.. who won what, who wore what and “Oooh I can’t believe Ricky Gervais said THAT”… I was, however, happy to hear that one of Angelina Jolie’s movies was a resounding failure – not only at the box office, but also according to the Hollywood Foreign Press (the people who supposedly know everything about movies and whose opinion result in the Golden Globes)..

So, what’s my beef with Angie? Last year, after watching a trailer or three of her movie “Salt”, I decided that maybe she had redeemed herself since the flop that was Mr & Mrs Pitt… ooops, I mean Smith! So off to the cinema I went. I must admit that a friend had told me that I should probably wait for it to show on Welfare TV, I still went! I don’t want to make this a review of the movie so I’ll just say this: There’s something about a woman fighting crime, but STILL managing to have flawless makeup & lipgloss that makes one think it’s a 1 hour 30 min long ad for Revlon… Never mind that the cinematography was terrible and the glaring inconsistencies…

But don’t get me wrong, Angie does provide entertainment – on and off screen… and she does it better than Lindsay Lohan… but next time she releases a movie, I’ll read a book instead. (I did exactly that when The Tourist was released… and it seems I made the right decision)

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