Love is that shiny coin with no tail… just two heads.. right? right?

So, some guy – his identity is irrelevant – chased after a girl for many many moons… after playing hard to get, she eventually relented.. she “agreed” to be his one and only, his pudding pie, his left butt-cheek… what he did not bargain for, however, was that she LITERALLY wanted to be a part of him.. always there, never far enough to be missed.. wasting his SMS bundle and well generally being a nuisance of a girlfriend… so he dumped her… His reason? “She’s just toooooo into me!”

Now, you’re probably thinking “Huh? He did what now? Guys never know when they have it good!”… When I heard this short tale, I was quick to applaud the young fella – assuming he is “young” of course… I applaud him for the year of patience and perseverance that he spent pursuing this girl and for cutting her off swiftly once he realised he’d caught himself a piranha instead of bream… He clearly learnt rather late that wasting time is… well… wasting time!

Thing is, though I sometimes blindly support whatever psycho stuff {wo}men choose to do when in love, I cannot for the life of me allow myself to back people who choose to make other people the centre of their universe… and thus cease to exist. This young lad did her a favour, I hope she thanked him..

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being madly, deeply into someone… in fact, I would sooner stand in the rain singing some old ballad to woo a guy if I thought I stood a chance.. risk catching pneumonia even… I really would. Yes, that’s crazy, but I would only do it if I was certain that he’s into that kinda crazy stuff… if I was certain that he would run out and stand in the rain with me… that we would spend the next week sharing chicken soup trying to get better.. I really would. Thing is, I know better! {I also hate chicken soup}

The trouble is some girls (and many a guy.. “Hi ex number 2, 3 and 4” *evil grin*) are just psycho like that… always in their partner’s pocket, stuck to them like glue… what starts off as a parasitic symbiotic relationship just fizzles into a parasitic relationship.. when you take up more than just space and time.. when you want to ALWAYS be with them and suck them dry of life. Relationships aren’t meant to kill the individuals and merge them into one ugly amorphous mass of neediness, they are meant to strengthen the individuals.. Y’know, that “winning couple swag”… the ever elusive “perfect pair”… she doesn’t pretend to enjoy Saturday afternoon football and he doesn’t go shoe shopping with her, but they work out just fine… Each brings their star quality to the table, appreciates the other’s space and respects it.. Dial 0800 PIPE DREAM if you feel me on this.. “Number you have dialled is not available”? Snap! Keep trying….

Peace, Love and Gruyere…

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