Do you know the one you love?

So… I’ve told myself that by the time I’m 30 I want to have visited at least half of the African countries… because I cannot continue to claim that I love this continent if I do not know it intimately… If I have not laughed with the Dinka at dusk, danced with the Masai at dawn or eaten amongst the pyramids like those from the House of Ptolemy .. I have told myself that until then, Africa will be the love I speak about, the love I hope to know, the one with whom I shall spend the rest of my life… but not that I truly love… not yet…

Yes, I am committed to my continent…It is here that I was born and it is here that I shall take my last breath… until then.. until the day I return to the bowels of the African earth, I will fight for it and help to make it strong… and when Africa has risen from its ashes and stands up high, I will creep into the shadows and watch my love shine… not because I do not want to be seen with it, but because I want the rest of the world to fall in love with it the way I have.. to see it’s beautiful face and dare not lift a gun to tear it to shreds… to see it’s evergreen glow and want to nurture it all the days of their life… What is love, but a selfish emotion if it is not shared? But, let me not contradict myself, I cannot claim to love Africa yet… I do not know it…

So, I ask you… do YOU know the one you “love”? Do you know their mind? their body? their soul? their essence? If you don’t… how dare you claim to love them? How very dare you?

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