While you lay asleep… her heart broke

Monday… yet another one… quite like the one before and the many Mondays that have preceded it.. yet this one Monday felt different. Each step she took was tentatively done, almost as if hesitating to go on. Something was bothering her, she wasn’t sure what.. she wondered why the passersby stopped and stared… then she looked down… there was nothing, she was confused.. then she looked back.. and there her heart was – bare, out in the open – no longer beating, yet not bleeding. She had forgotten ever tearing it out of its burdensome cage and laying it on the ground.. then she remembered. She had put it there hoping you would see it and take it in your hands…she sighed.. had she only taken a few steps since she put it there?…..

…. Why had waiting for you to lift her heart felt like an eternity? She looked at her lonely heart laying desperately on the pavement beneath… it was broken, but it did not bleed… She thought about leaving it there, ever the optimist, then decided it was better incarcerated in her being… she told herself that it would continue to beat without you.. it must… life would go on.. Had she waited just a few more moments, had she not been so anxious, had she been patient she would have seen you moments later – risen from your slumber – running to grab her heart… but she didn’t.. you didn’t. Fate was having a go again.. It would not be today, but maybe on a Tuesday? Maybe on a Tuesday her love wouldn’t be late, maybe he would take her heart and hold it forever.. maybe he would set it free from the confines of her being… maybe…

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