Short note on love

I was told yesterday that love is a theory…I respectfully disagree. The notion of love might be -for the most part- theory, but love itself is practical.. it is not an imagined emotion.. it is the things you do, the things done for you… how they are done & why they are done… it is experienced in different ways & therefore cannot be quantified or qualitatively analysed by others.. yet we all know one thing: Love is.

2 thoughts on “Short note on love

  1. Love is definitely a verb in my world! Its what you do! You can't try to love someone,you either do or u don't! And the DO is in the actions! So love is a theory to those who have not experienced it! Theories depend on intellect,ur intellectually ability to grasp or not grasp an idea,and if you are in the 'grasping' the idea of love,then you sure as hell have no clue what it feels like &no 'theoretical explanation' will bring you any closer to knowing what it is… #imjustsaying


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