Oh when the defeated wail…

S/he (the gender is irrelevant really) said as s/he lay curled in a foetal position watching the assailant drift away: “I now know what it feels like to have the wind punched out of you… I imagined that after the pain there would be relief… but there isn’t… there is an empty numbness… an unanswered question… a scream caught in the lungs and failing to get out.. I now know what it feels like to have the wind punched straight out of you…

I ask myself whether this feeling would be there if just seconds before the punch I had not been in debilitating mental ecstasy.. a state of self induced euphoria.. I was daydreaming.. my guard was down. Any other day that punch would not have made its way to my diaphragm, it would have died an early death in the grasp of my agile hand. Today it didn’t. It couldn’t. It – like the rest of me – was caught off guard.. I was happy or so I thought… I know now what I didn’t know before I was awoken from my blissful slumber.. Happiness is but an illusion.. when the veil is lifted by the punch of reality, there is no sorrow… there is just an empty numbness… an unanswered question.. “Why me?” ”

These are not my words… I wrote them, but it is not me speaking… they are the words of a defeated subconscious.. Whose? I do not know.. Whoever s/he may be s/he should be your exact opposite… so as you read this – again – think in reverse.. For whoever this may be failed to take heed of one of the most fundamental lessons.. that as you soar, remember that at some stage you must land. Do not let the illusion of your own “greatness” cloud your vision of reality. With clear vision and awareness that the higher you are the more painful your fall, you will find that “failure” is nothing more but a lesson of which you must take due cognisance if you are to move up. move forward. grow. excel.

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