Can the Cameras Roll Back to Darfur?

OK, first things first, my heart bleeds for the people of Haiti, after living for centuries in abject poverty they had the terrible misfortune of falling victim to a massive earthquake (AND aftershock!) that has left hundreds of thousands dead and millions without food or shelter. An atrocity occurred there.. the world needs to do something. quick.

BUT! With all the world’s attention on Haiti, people seem to have taken a break from caring about the rest of the world… shame on you CNN! I direct my disdain at CNN because not so long ago it was them that made Darfur so damn popular that even Angelina “I-want-to-save-the-world-by-adopting-as-many-cute-little-poor-kids-as-I-can” Jolie went there with her poodle of a Brad and had a few “glamour” shots taken… I hear Madonna got lost on her way to Darfur and ended up in Malawi.. too late Madge, Tomb Raider beat you – along with hundreds of German couples… but let’s clap hands for you, at least you watch a “news” channel!

People continue to die every single day all across the African continent (yes, not just Darfur… it just made for a catchy title)… These people are dying from preventable disease, famine, hunger, pestilence… EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY… Do we care? I guess we can sort of say we do… if ofcourse we sit through the images of these hungry and dying Africans which are made available to us on our flat-screens just after dinner, while we drink some blood coffee… Hmmm, maybe I should sms that number.. I hear I can donate R7.50 to help feed a kid in Port-au-Prince! Done. That is it. “We care”. Oh how very dare we? We sit and watch as our continent rots… and yet we jump at the prospect of “saving” people in Haiti! I’ll have my hypocrite coffee with no sugar, thanks.

Lest people think that I don’t care about Haiti, allow me to reiterate: I do. I get that Haiti seriously needs help and I congratulate all those who have done their bit to aid the country (which btw is the poorest in the Western hemisphere, and after this quake could very well become the poorest worldwide)… What I don’t get is people who act like they care or offer a “helping hand” just so they can smile at the camera. Can the cameras please roll back to Darfur? Or did that stop being glamorous around 2006? Yeah. I thought so. Even Somalia’s off our TV screens… at least now we can see “Africans” suffering elsewhere, right? It’s not all that bad…

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