This is my kind of Africa….

Walking to work this morning, I took a deep breath of fresh air laced with the soothing smell of the flowers whose beauty has been brought to life by the early rains… with solid steps towards my destination I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and pride… I was at that very moment a 21st century woman living in her kind of Africa… the Africa they don’t seem to care much about on the supper time news… I was greeted by cheery faces and the occasional “dumela” … the sun was shyly peering through the clouds, scared to reveal itself to the world beneath, yet my heart was filled with its warmth… these are my people… this is my land… This is My Africa…

Africa…. Oh Africa… so rich, so beautiful, so warm, so welcoming… few people know or appreciate just how truly magnificent you are.. your name is mentioned and those who think they care will take a deep sigh and lament your fate; those who only want to use and abuse you and leave you dying by the wayside find themselves with a wily snarl on their faces… you are their lamb, ready for the slaughter.. they will drive you there and watch as you take your last breath… but that is not the Africa I see… that is not the Africa that flows in my veins…

….My Africa is teeming with life… as vibrant as the village crier’s drum at sunset and the crow of the cocks at dawn.. My Africa never rests… it toils even as the world sleeps… In its suffering it sees nothing but hope… It is… has been… and shall forever be at the core of my being…
My Africa never gives up… after years of drought and strife my Africa is brought to life by the early rains… each flower proudly displaying itself for all the world to see.. I take it all in each day as I walk on the soil of my ancestors.. I breathe in deeply… the clean fresh air..

My Africa. My Pride. My Love.

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