The other day I was seriously contemplating finding a time machine… setting the date to sometime in 2008 and just staying there for a long while, while I regroup and figure out how I ended up where I am today… Then someone pointed out that even though I might feel like I want to be in the past, I know I really don’t… so here I am… 6 long months into 2009 and realizing just how much I’ve come… and how much the world has gone… time has not stopped for me… and alas, she never will…

Whatever changes have occurred… one thing remains certain… all can never be undone. and even if some could be undone, whatever change we think we have made is likely to unearth just how much we cannot do… plus ca change… plus ca reste la meme… Indeed this year is really no different from the last or the one before…

So we find ourselves in that uncomfortable position where we realize our own insignificance in the bigger scheme of life.. and yet we do not give up… we should not… we cannot… for our significance lies not in the things we consciously hope to be appreciated for, but in the little things we do not even realize we’re doing… the little change… I am told if I were a butterfly my flutter could cause a tsunami miles across the world… so each day I attempt to fly… hoping that my work can change the world… each day I fail… but tomorrow I will wake up, forget my failings of yesterday and take another leap… One day, I tell myself, one day I will fly..

Such is the way of spirited life…

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