Life, l’amitie and all other L’s

So, its been a while since I’ve written a seemingly positive note… so here goes..

I will start with a quote from Antonio Smith courtesy of a Spur sugar sachet:
“Enjoy the little things in life…for one day you may look back and realise they were the BIG things”

Life is about cherishing the little fleeting moments and immortalizing them in our memories for they define who we are and possibly who we shall become… Often people live in regret, crying that they still haven’t achieved their dreams, that their bigger picture is hazier than a Picasso reject… and yet each day we do a little, we do something. Each day, we touch someone’s life, often unwittingly.

Regret is the deepest sign of weakness, its an internalisation of defeat. Why can’t we all just seize the day? There comes a time when you just have to turn over the page and stop living in the past (or living a dream like I’m prone to doing)…Its not worth the stress after all…You just have to let go, let loose.

Its a rude awakening when you realise that you can not always be a winner in life.Comme maman dit toujours : “Quand vous gagnez toute l’heure, vous appreciez jamais vraiment votre succes”. Profound words that have taught me to appreciate the little things.

I need to constantly remind myself that life is too short to be troubled. Heal…start anew…live for today and for YOU.. After all…your mistakes (or past weaknesses) can only make you stronger… This brings me to my next and last point.. the necessity of friends. I’d probably be a hermit were it not for the fact that I can’t imagine a life in which I can’t share with another (others). Would there be a point?

The other day I was listening to my music on shuffle and this catchy phrase kinda stuck… yes, it is by Snoop Dogg!
“There will be ups and downs…smiles and frowns…Share with me, fairy tales are make believe”

So, yes.. there is some inspiration in rap music after all! Indeed from this and in life I’ve learnt that one’s most valuable asset is the company s/he keeps…Without whom life would be a lonesome journey…a journey not worth taking. For whats the point of smiling or frowning if noone sees you do it?

In appreciating my friends, I look at my own mistakes. Friends are, after all, human and while I err, so too can they. So, I’ve learnt to forgive and forget, to smile at every chance I get and always remember that when things are hard….they could be worse…Lift my head above the water and jus KEEP WALKING.

Life is a struggle…a constant war between what you wish it could be and what it wants to be..No one person has ever won a war on their own.If you can turn to your left and be received with a smile…you’re lucky…if you can turn to the right as well and still find a smile…you are among the wealthiest in this world…for wealth is not measured by the amount of money in your bank account, but by the joy that surrounds you each day…

Maybe I talk sh*t..who’s to tell…I’m still fighting my battle, but with a smile 🙂

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