Voice in my head

Surely the voice in my head must be crazier than I am.. or so I thought. It seems now that I denied its rationality because it seemed to me to be just another form of unwarranted word vomit..when indeed it was the truth, in my head there plain for me to hear. Not all things are promised and all those things that seem too good to be true, usually are.

Life isn’t about having a great time all the time..its about having that one wet and grey week that makes the one sunny day that follows all the more worth the wait.I suppose I should have known earlier that the voice in my head is my reason, my sense, my sanity and not my madness.

The rainy days don’t seem so bad now… I know there’ll be sun soon……and even when the little voice seems to quieten down and leave me straining to listen, I know that it is desperately trying to tell me that: “Ottilia you are NOT a department store dummy with all the charisma of aspirin, you are full of life and promise. Seize the day”.. yes the little voice has been telling me to seize the day a lot lately. I think I might just… someone has to do it!

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