No blood to let

My heart shatters into a million pieces, but never bleeds – not for you, not for any man..No person can right the wrong of betrayal that my beacon committed those 5years ago… the thought of which fills my throat with rancid bile.Each broken piece strengthens me…So break away, for the demon beneath is slowly being unearthed.Streams of blood will colour the road on which your tread…. not of red, but of guilt, of shame.The shame of being a stereotype… You are shackled by your betrayal, not of me, but of yourself.Tear away, break it into tiny pieces. You may hurt me, but I do not cry.You have created a succubus, um al duwayce, a praying mantis, a black widow.Soon you will learn.My heart shatters, but it will never bleed.

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