La vie

There’s nothing more exhausting or life-sapping than living a life you hate. Why wear the shoes that someone else wants you to wear, that are obviously the wrong size and for the uptight shrew from next door?

You only have one life to live.. Live the life you love and you’ll love the life you live. When its all done, you can look back in glee and see that it was all worth it. After all when you’re dead all that remains are the memories people have of you, for when the casket’s locked – what you are is gone, but who you were remains.

If you realise that you’re working under par for something, think hard about it: Is this what YOU want for yourself, or what someone else has made you believe its what you want?

Turn the music up, sip some Merlot and live your dreams.. (or if you are the uptight shrew next door.. do what uptight shrews do *shrug*)

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